Art Style (period, movement)

His movement was Abstract. Abstract is something that’s not in the every day world. He had two periods of art. In his earlier period, he painted and drew shapes. In his later period he started dripping and flinging paint onto the canvas and not even thinking what he was doing. He used mostly brighter colors like bright blue, bright red, and yellow etc. When he painted, you could see the lines as if something was moving or if there was wind. An example for his movement is Pasiphae (the picture below).

Description of Art

You would think Jackson Pollock only drips and splats, but not in his earlier period. Yes, he still splattered and dripped, but that was in his later period. Jackson Pollock had no other art (sculpting, murals, clay, wood carvings etc) except painting. He used enamel paint in his later period when he flung and dripped paint on the canvas. He used oil paint in his later period when he painted on a canvas. Jackson Pollock would usually have hidden pictures. An example would be Cathedral (the picture below).