Lines effect all movement in what we see. When Jackson Pollock painted, he used lines to show the movement as if something was moving or it was windy. An example for lines would be Moby Dick (the painting below). You can tell it has movement because of the lines showing and expressing the water moving and pacing.


          Most texture filled paintings were in his later period. Jackson Pollock flung and dripped paint, and either way you can tell it would be rough, touching or looking. Texture is where you look at something and it looks smooth or rough like the painting  Convergence (the painting below).


          When Jackson Pollock used value (lightness and darkness) he didn’t tint as much as a normal artist would, but he still used value in a way. He would have one side light and extend to a shade of dark, though he rarely used value. An example for his value would be The Guardians of the Secret (the painting below).


       You would think Jackson Pollock didn’t use shapes, but he did. He used mostly organic and rarely used geometric. You would never see a painting from his later period without organic shapes, and would rarely see a painting in his later period with geometric shapes. But in his earlier period he used both like the painting Male and Female.