Jackson Pollock used light colors when he made a happy painting (obviously), but happy paintings don’t always have to be painted. They could be flung and dripped, splashed and splattered, and, yes, it could be just painted. But an example of a painting that had just been splattered on would be Shimmering Substance (the painting below).


Jackson Pollock wasn’t much for sad paintings, but he still had a few. Jackson Pollock had sad paintings in his later period when he splattered and dripped because it was easier to just put in the dark and sad colors. An example for a sad painting is Full Fathom Five (the painting below).

Highly Active

Jackson Pollock had many highly active paintings. The dripping and flinging made it have a lot going on. Jackson Pollock didn’t only have highly active paintings where he dripped and splattered. He also had painting in his earlier period where they were highly active. One of his highly active paintings from his earlier period is Key (the painting below). I think this painting is highly active is because there seems to be a lot of stuff going on.


Jackson Pollock rarely had a peaceful painting in my opinion. Most of them were in his earlier period. But there is still a couple in his later period.  His peaceful paintings had no movement and had sort of light colors.  One of his paintings peaceful is Easter Totem (the painting below). I think this painting is peaceful because it looks calm.